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Top 5 Worlds Strongest Army & The Strongest Army in Africa


5 Worlds Strongest Army: As the world is seeing the Russia-Ukraine conflict, there have been reports of various types of weapons being utilized by the two sides, principally Russia.

This has led to an interest in which countries have the strongest army in the world. In basic terms, which nation is having world’s strongest army and deadliest weapons, and impressive military capabilities?

Top 5 Worlds Strongest Army & The Strongest Army in Africa

A Rundown of Worlds Strongest Army

1. the United States of America, Worlds Strongest Army

Active Soldiers: 1.3 million

Annual Budget: $770 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 13,247

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 45,193

Tanks: 6612

Self-propelled Artillery: 1498

Towed Artillery: 1339

Rocket Projectors: 1366

Navy Fleet Forces: 484

Aircraft Carriers: 11

Helicopter Carriers: 9

Submarines: 68

The United States of America has the strongest army in the world and the most grounded armed force on the planet. It has the third-biggest armed force in terms of active soldiers and an annual budget of 770 billion dollars.

America’s greatest military advantage is its fleet of 10 aircraft carriers.

The US likewise has the most war airplane of any nation, state-of-the-art innovations like the Navy’s new rail weapon, a huge and well-trained human power — and the world’s biggest atomic-nuclear arsenal.

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2. Worlds Strongest Army: Russia

Active Soldiers: 850,000

Annual Budget: $154 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 4,173 aircraft

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 30,122

Tanks: 12,420

Self-propelled Artillery: 6574

Towed Artillery: 7571

Rocket Projectors: 3391

Navy Fleet Forces: 605

Aircraft Carriers: 1

Helicopter Carriers: 0

Submarines: 70

Russia has the second strongest army in the world. It is one of those few nations that produce its own tactical military equipment. The country also have the biggest number of tanks and rocket projectors on the planet.

Russia has the world’s biggest tank fleet, the second biggest war airplane fleet behind the US, and the third biggest submarine fleet behind the US and China.


3. Worlds Strongest Army: China

Active Soldiers: 2 million

Annual Budget: $250 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 3,285 aircraft

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 35,000

Tanks: 5250

Self-propelled Artillery: 4120

Towed Artillery: 1734

Rocket Projectors: 3160

Navy Fleet Forces: 777

Aircraft Carriers: 2

Helicopter Carriers: 1

Submarines: 79

In terms of active military personnel, China is at the top. Given the fact that China is the world’s most populous country. China also has the second-highest annual military budget, behind just the United States.

The Chinese military has the second biggest tank fleet behind Russia and the second biggest submarine fleet behind the US. China has likewise taken quick steps in its tactical modernization program, presently fostering a scope of possibly game-changing military advances including long-range rockets and fifth-age war airplanes.

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4. Worlds Strongest Army: India

Active Soldiers: 1.4 million

Annual Budget: $49.6 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 2,182 aircraft

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 12,000

Tanks: 4614

Self-propelled Artillery: 100

Towed Artillery: 3311

Rocket Projectors: 1338

Navy Fleet Forces: 295

Aircraft Carriers: 1

Helicopter Carriers: 0

Submarines: 17

Indian Army has the most active manpower supply of any country besides China and the US, notwithstanding the most tanks and war airplanes of any country other than the US, China, or Russia. India also has access nuclear weapons.


5. Worlds Strongest Army: Japan

Active Soldiers: 240,000

Annual Budget: $47 billion

Total Aircraft Strength: 1,449 aircraft

Total Armored Combat Vehicles: 5,500

Tanks: 1004

Self-propelled Artillery: 214

Towed Artillery: 480

Rocket Projectors: 99

Navy Fleet Forces: 155

Aircraft Carriers: 0

Helicopter Carriers: 4

Submarines: 21

In outright terms, the Japanese military is somewhat little but extremely well equipped

According to Credit Suisse, it has the fourth biggest submarine fleet in the rundown. Japan additionally has four plane aircraft carriers, although these vessels are just furnished with a helicopter fleet.

Japan additionally has the fourth biggest assault helicopter fleet behind China, Russia, and the US. Right now, the Japanese constitution restricts the country from waging war to resolve international disputes.

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The Strongest Army in Africa

In the midst of speculations that there could be a World War III following the flash of new struggles like Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine and the impending China-Taiwan conflict, many have been left addressing which African country has the Worlds Strongest Army and can actually defend itself.


Egypt has the strongest army in Africa and is thirteenth out of 140 on the planet.

Top 5 Worlds Strongest Army & The Strongest Army in Africa

Active Personnel: 450,000
Active Reserve Personnel: 480,000
Available firepower
Tanks: 3735
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 11,000
Self-Propelled Guns: 1,165
Rocket Projectors: 1,235.

Egypt likewise has a sum of 1,013 airplane strength, a naval resource of 316, and a Defense Budget of $10,000,000,000.


Algeria has the second most powerful military in Africa and the second most remarkable military in North Africa.

Active Personnel: 130,000
Active Reserve Personnel: 150,000
Tanks: 2024
Armored Vehicles: 7,000
Self-Propelled Guns: 324
Towed-Artillery: 396
Rocket Projector: 300

Algeria has a sum of 551 airplanes possessed by the military, an all-out maritime strength of 69, and a military budget of $13,904,000,000.

South Africa

South Africa has the third most powerful military in Africa, and the 32nd strongest army in the world.

Active Personnel: 66,500
Active Reserve Personnel: 15,000
Tanks: 195
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 3,000
Self-Propelled Guns: 43
Towed-Artillery: 72
Rocket Project: 50

Other info
Total Naval Asset: 30
Total Aircraft: 221
Defense Budget: $3,597,000,000.

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Positioned the fourth most powerful military in Africa, and the most remarkable military in West Africa.

Active Personnel: 120,000
Active Reserve Personnel: 0
Tanks: 355
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 2,000
Self-Propelled Guns: 65
Towed-Artillery: 339
Rocket Propeller: 59

Nigeria’s military likewise has a sum of 125 airplane strength, a complete maritime resource of 75, and a Defense Budget of $2,100,000,000.


Morocco has the fifth most impressive military in Africa and the 53rd strongest army of the world.

Active Personnel: 310,000
Active Reserve Personnel: 150,000
Tanks: 3,033
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 8,000
Self-Propelled Guns: 510
Towed-Artillery: 156
Rocket projectors: 144

Other info
Total Naval Asset: 121
Total Aircraft Strength: 249
Defense Budget: $6,000,000,000.

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