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Top African Mythical Creatures From African Mythology


African Mythology Known for their odd attributes, African mythical creatures have been the subject of mainstream society for millennia.

These African legendary creatures or African myths of creation are the absolute weirdest, very unusual, and unnerving manifestations ever, going from mami wata to the loathsome Impundulu.

The following are 5 African Mythical Creatures or African Myths of creation From African Mythology.

1.African Mythology: Inkanyamba

The Inkanyamba one of the African mythical creatures is a gigantic meat-eating eel-like creature in the legends of the Zulu and Xhosa people of South Africa.

The antiquated legends say Inkanyambas have some control over the climate. They are said to have balance and can develop into gigantic sizes.

2. African Mythology: Tikoloshe

A Tikoloshe is evil like the devil in Zulu folklore and one of the African legendary creatures or African myths of creation. A shaman might send a Tikoloshe to go after his foes, causing dread sickness or death to the victim.

Tikoloshes are depicted as short bristly humanoid figures that can deliver themselves invisible by swallowing a rock.

3. African Mythology: Popobawa

The Popobawa one of African mythical creatures or African myths of creation. It is the spirit that dwells in Zanzibar and Tanzania.

This African myths of creation is a devil who shows up as a human by day, and a one-eyed, bat-winged beast at night.

The Popobawa assaults and sodomizes all kinds of people in the corner of the night, and is especially awful to the individuals who don’t believe in him.

4. Mami Water

Mami Wata (Mother of water) one of African legendary creatures or African myths of creation. is in many cases portrayed as a mermaid-like figure, with a woman’s chest area and the rump of a fish or snake.

The presence and significance of Mami Wata are well established in the antiquated practice and folklore of the seaside southeastern Nigerians (Efik, Ibibio, and Annang individuals).

As per stories, Mami Wata frequently changes to a totally human and manifests in markets and bars.

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5. Impundulu

The Impundulu or Lightning Bird one of African mythical creatures or African myths of creation, is an extraordinary bird from Pondo, Zulu, and Xhosa folklore.

The South African bird is basically as large as a human and can gather lightning and storm, thus the name.

The bird is some of the time a shapeshifter that can show up as a human, and once in a while said to be an otherworldly natural that guides a witch or witch specialist.

It will go after individuals and drink their blood. Be that as it may, portions of the Impundulu or its eggs have medicinal powers.


West African Mythical Creatures
  • Adze.
  • Asanbosam.
  • Ninki Nanka.
  • Yumboes.
  • Abada.
  • Eloko.
  • Emela-ntouka.
  • Jengu.
East African legendary creatures
  • dbr:Holawaka.
  • dbr:Dingonek.
  • dbr:Lukwata.
  • dbr:Shetani.
  • dbr:Popobawa.
  • dbr:Buda_(folklore)
  • dbr:Nandi_bear.
  • dbr:Mazomba.

South African Mythical creatures

  • Popobawa.
  • Grootslang.
  • Ilomba.
  • Inkanyamba.
  • Kishi.
  • Impundulu.
  • Tikoloshe.
  • Rompo.

North African Mythical creatures

  • Aicha Kandicha
    • Serpopard
      • Medjed (fish)
        • Hieracosphinx
          • Griffin
            • El Naddaha
              • Bennu
                • Aani
                • Abtu
                • Ammit
                • ApepSphinxTibicena



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