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Gorgeous African Wedding Gowns That Aren’t Traditional

It has always been customary for ladies to wear white bridal gowns. Yet as the fashion industry changes and people’s mindsets transition, ladies are feeling more comfortable wearing non-traditional African wedding dresses.We refer to wedding dresses with African designs when we say “non-traditional African wedding dress.” Going down the aisle in an elegant African wedding gown is now admired rather than mocked.

Not everyone is still courageous enough to accomplish this. Because of this, we believe that those who can merit praise. We wish to highlight the women who choose to abandon white ball dresses.

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11 unique African wedding gowns from around the world

The cultures and customs of the continent of Africa are diverse. Regrettably, western civilization is erasing some of our customs.

One start toward reviving some of our dead cultures is to go for an African wedding dress rather than the traditional white gown.

African wedding gowns are made of a variety of materials, including Ankara, kente, and animal patterns.

Surprisingly, this may also aid in promoting African fashion and textiles on a worldwide scale. The non-traditional African wedding attire is seen here. Hope one of these makes you feel inspired.

#1. Wedding dress with a kente train

The stunning combination of white lace and kente is the first on our list of African wedding gowns. This bride from Ghana is glowing and beaming while rocking her hybrid wedding dress.

This is the outfit to choose if you wish to combine traditional and non-traditional elements.

This gown retains some of the “white wedding” feel while giving the bride a sleek and sassy African appearance.

The upper portion of the dress is covered with the customary white lace, while the front and back of the bottom portion are covered in kente cloth.

The dress highlights the lady’s lovely curves by hugging the body in all the appropriate areas.

#2. Vibrant Kente wedding gown

African wedding dresses may be made from a variety of materials in a variety of patterns. Consequently, nothing adds a distinctive flavor to your wedding like wearing this stunning Kitenge gown.

Many individuals all over the world have fallen in love with the vibrant designs.

This dress’ off-shoulder shape and round front neckline are some of its key characteristics. The dress also has a blend of vibrant hues including red, yellow, purple, green, and blue.

To get the iconic African queen style, add beaded decorations to your hair.

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#3. Traditional Kikuyu wedding attire

The traditional African bridal gown of this Kenyan bride was brown. The attire is mostly worn during the “Ruracio” traditional wedding.

Ruracio, which translates to “dowry payment,” refers to a rite that marks the union of two families.

A matching headband and the wedding dress are composed of brown cloth with artistic beading on the collar. To complete the appearance, you may also put on leather bangles and sandals.

#4. Plus-size bridal gown with an African print

Finding the ideal dress is challenging, especially if you are a plus-size woman. Nonetheless, you may find a variety of plus-size gown styles thanks to the current fashion trend.

One of them is this stunning plus-size wedding dress with an African motif in orange and white.

With this figure-hugging dress, you can easily slay down the aisle. For natural hair, the garment is accompanied by a matching headpiece. For a truly outstanding appearance, you may put on a matching set of jewelry.

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#5. Dress in lace and Ankara

There is no end to the inventive designers that can emerge when it comes to non-traditional wedding gowns.

Combining lace with Ankara fabric is one of them. The bridal dress in this instance is comprised of conventional white lace.

Afterward, a large flower made of Ankara cloth is created and sewn to the base of the dress. The end product is a gorgeous garment that gives your wedding more glitz.

In addition to weddings, you might wear this to a red-carpet event and get attention from the photographers.

#6. Off-shoulder yellow wedding gown

Seldom do we see brides dressed in yellow dresses. It’s even more difficult to imagine a bridal dress fashioned of yellow net fabric and Ankara. Put this gown on your bucket list if you enjoy trying new things on that particular day.

The garment has a brilliant yellow color that makes the surroundings more cheerful. It also includes a complex off-shoulder design. Rocking this amazing design is the best way to keep the memories of your big day alive.

#7. African wedding outfit from Venda

Ika inundated her blog with pictures from her stunning Venda wedding. The combination of Ankara and velvety material is the most interesting aspect of this African wedding dress.

Folds of Ankara or Kente that match the patch on her husband’s shirt might be used to make the upper section.

Also, the rest of the dress is made of immaculately white cotton material and is fashioned into a lovely ball gown. Was it a success or failure? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.

#8. Turkish dress

Nigerian fashion designer Chioma decided to defy convention to impress social media. On her wedding day, she looked stunning in an Ankara dress.

The bride and groom’s pictures were posted online by Chioma’s friends and old classmates.

As one could anticipate, it quickly became popular. The bride said that the stunning Ankara wedding dress was created by her friend and coworker.

The dress’ one-shoulder design and gorgeous mermaid bottom gave it a distinctive look. The bride revealed the cost of the garment to the BBC in an interview.

#9. African wedding outfit with sequins

Make a statement in this stunning royal blue and gold wedding dress. Everything about this outfit is gorgeous. It is straightforward but really gorgeous.

The golden specks are what make this garment stand out and shimmer.

The dress falls to reveal a lovely mermaid gown, giving you an hourglass figure. Does this go with the unconventional wedding dress of your dreams? Post your comments in the space provided below.

#10. Xhosa bridal attire

This Xhosa bride looked stunning on her wedding day with this traditional Xhosa wedding dress. For their customary rites, the Xhosa people have a technique of dressing up their brides.

The fabric used to create wedding dresses is white and black. The beading is quite amazing and has Xhosa cultural characteristics. Not bad, huh?

#11. African wedding gown Isiagu

In Southern Nigeria, the Igbo people wear traditional clothing called using. This material was linked to majesty and authority. Nancy and her husband decided to change its name, nevertheless.

The reaction and gratitude were enormous. The pair quickly became the front page story on well-known blogs in Nigeria and beyond.

The extensive usage of the net veil to create a long trail is arguably the bridal gown’s most intriguing aspect. Also, the jewelry accessories tastefully complete her magnificent look on her important day.


African wedding gowns come in a variety of hues, materials, and styles. Usually, they are less expensive than imported white gowns.

Happily, African fashion designers are embracing the challenge of creating gorgeous wedding gowns utilizing readily accessible indigenous textiles.

This approach has the potential to resurrect Africa’s struggling textile sector with more recognition.

The significant amount of foreign currency now spent on the importation of white wedding gowns would drastically decrease as a result.

The pair will have access to more money as a result, and local designers will benefit from increased support.

Is it possible to wear an African wedding gown on your special day? If you have, how did it make you feel? Please use the comment section below to let us know what you think.


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