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Nigeria Intensifies Crackdown, Extends Degree Ban to Include Kenya Uganda and Niger


Nigeria has broadened its suspension of academic degree accreditation to include more countries, including Kenya, Uganda, and Niger.

This expansion follows an earlier suspension targeting degrees from Benin and Togo. The move comes after a Daily Nigerian newspaper investigation uncovered fraudulent activities in foreign degree mills.

The report by journalist Umar Audu revealed how a four-year degree could be obtained from a university in Benin in just two months.

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Nigeria’s Education Minister Aims to Protect the Countries Educational System

Education Minister Tahir Mamman, speaking on Channels Television, emphasized the country’s determination to extend its scrutiny to other nations where similar fraudulent institutions exist.

He expressed a strong stance against those holding fake degrees, considering them complicit in criminal activities rather than mere victims.

In response to these revelations, Nigeria has launched a formal inquiry into its own ministries and agencies responsible for the accreditation of foreign academic qualifications.

This effort aims to protect Nigerian employers and preserve the integrity of the nation’s educational qualifications.

The government’s action represents a proactive approach to address the growing issue of counterfeit academic credentials.

By widening the suspension, Nigeria underscores its commitment to upholding the quality and credibility of its educational system and safeguarding against fraudulent practices in the workforce.


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