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Ranking of African Countries with the Best Healthcare Systems in Africa


Seven African nations with the best healthcare systems are listed below according to Numbeo’s ranking of those nations.

The state of healthcare in Africa has significantly improved over time, although problems still exist.

The idea of a healthcare index has gained popularity as a tool to evaluate and benchmark healthcare systems, allowing nations to pinpoint their advantages and disadvantages as well as potential development areas.

The healthcare system in Africa is heterogeneous, with a mix of public and private providers, various levels of infrastructure, and varying degrees of access to medical treatment.

While some nations have achieved considerable progress in the provision of healthcare, others struggle with a lack of funding, shoddy infrastructure, and a labor shortage.

Disparities in health outcomes across various communities are frequently caused by this difference in access to healthcare.

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Best healthcare system index by Numbeo

Numerous platforms whose research highlights the disparities in the healthcare systems of various African nations have observed this gap. Numbeo is one such platform.

One such platform is Numbeo, which offers up-to-date data on the cost of living, quality of life, and different socioeconomic indicators across cities and nations throughout the world.

In the middle of 2023, Numbeo revised their health index.

Data from Numbeo is gathered through polls that website users take. These surveys’ questions are designed to resemble those in several academic and governmental studies.

A value between -2 and +2, where -2 denotes a severely unfavorable view and +2 denotes a strongly positive perception, is given to each entry in the survey.

The Health Care Index measures the overall quality of the healthcare system, taking into account elements including medical personnel, facilities, employees, physicians, and expenses.

It offers an evaluation of the facilities, services, and resources for healthcare that are offered in a certain area.

Five African nations with the finest healthcare systems are listed below according to Numbeo’s ranking of those nations.

With the exception of a few decimal modifications, the findings from a list identical to this one that was released earlier this year remain mostly unaltered.

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List of Best Healthcare Systems in Africa

Rank Country Healthcare index Global rank
1. South Africa 63.5 50th
2. Kenya 61.5 53rd
3. Tunisia 57.8 67th
4. Algeria 53.9 80th
5. Nigeria 48.0 87th
6. Egypt 47.7 88th
7. Morocco 45.4 91st


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