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Many people nowadays think that people with blue or other non-brown eyes are not of African heritage and that if they are, they must be using colored contact lenses. This is a common misconception. Other apprehensions about Africans with blue eyes have been voiced.

Africans with blue eyes have been accused by some of nefarious intentions. Others want to know Africans with blue eye are less able to focus, see well, or hear clearly. It’s hard to say whether or not any of these worries are accurate.

However, contrary to popular belief, blue eyes are not the sole preserve of Asians or Europeans; We also have Africans with blue eyes , and there are several causes for this.

A Brief History of Africans with blue eyes

The University of Copenhagen conducted an early study of 800 men and women with blue eyes from various nations. Because of a genetic mutation that occurred some 10,000 years ago, all of the participants in the study had the same DNA sequence for blue eyes, according to the researchers.

Professor Hans Eiberg of the university’s Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine contends in the research that “we all had brown eyes originally.” For those of us who are born with brown eyes because of a genetic mutation that affected the OCA2 gene in our DNA, the potential to develop brown eyes has been effectively “turned off.”

There is a genetic code that creates melanin called OCA2 that experts with Medline Plus say was formerly known as the P gene.

Melanin is the pigment that gives the skin, hair, and eyes their coloration.

An increase in melanin production has been linked to a genetic mutation, according to researchers. Due to the lack of melanin, blue eyes are instead generated instead of brown ones.

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According to studies by Edmund Custers, who has spent more than a decade in clinical research writing about human anatomy and physiology, practically every blue-eyed individual on the planet today received the same gene mutation from the same source.

Health problems including Waardenburg syndrome and ocular albinism, which may impact pigmentation and up to six distinct eye hues, are the exceptions to this rule.

According to Afritorial,, blond hair and blue eyes evolved because men and females chose their mates based on one uncommon physical attribute that is not always linked to fitness.

However, it is important to highlight that blue eyes are not wicked or diabolical, and the only way to tell is to question the individual.

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