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Hiking in Table Mountain – Top 5 Table Mountain Hikes

Hiking in Table Mountain is a jungle gym for nature sweethearts and experience searchers.
Climbing Table Mountain, you’ll experience a good workout and an opportunity to climb one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.
Whether you’re searching for experience, departure or perspectives, a climb up Table Mountain isn’t to be missed.
Hiking in Table Mountain: Hiking Routes
The pipe track
This course doesn’t go up Table Mountain, but instead around it. It’s a lot more straightforward climb.
But is gorgeous with tremendous perspectives on the Atlantic Sea and an opportunity to see the value in a part of the mountain’s fynbos.

Hiking in Table Mountain: Platteklip Gorge

This zig-zag hiking in table mountain is the most well-known course and feels like climbing steps for a little while. It’s a lovely path and when the weather conditions is great you’ll experience many different climbers.
You’ll begin the course on Tafelberg Road. Continue driving after the Cableway station until you see the Platteklip sign and parking.
At the point when you begin strolling, keep left till you see the Platteklip side road. You’ll zig-zag your direction up to a gorge and when you feel like you’ve had enough you’ll arise at the top.

Woodstock Caves

As the name proposes, this climb takes you to a huge cavern with an incredible perspective on the area of Woodstock and encompasses.
It’s a generally simple and family-accommodating climb, so make certain to pack a cookout/picnic and partake in the view.
You have two beginning-stage choices. You can begin through Tafelberg street, by driving past the Cableway station and stopping either at the Woodstock Cavern.
The latter choice is beginning at Rhodes Commemoration and climbing to the Lord’s Strong house. Past the Brick house the street forks where you’ll take the left fork. At the following fork, take a right toward the Cableway.

Skeleton Gorge

The delightful woodland-like beginning and the ocean-side-like completion of this climb make this difficult path definitely worth the trip.
It’s just around 3km, which sounds sufficiently simple, however, recall this is Table Mountain we’re discussing.
You start your climb in the bountiful Kirstenbosch Public Professional flowerbed and move up the rear of Table Mountain.
The main half is concealed and feels like you’re in a wilderness someplace distant, yet you’ll begin seeing terrific perspectives nearer to the top.
It’s an intense trip, yet pack a few bites and partake in a break on the named Breakfast Rock or unwind “near the ocean” at the rosy Hely-Hutchinson supply at the highest point (kindly don’t swim here).
Incredible Sight
It’s one of five supplies on the mountain and is a lovely incredible sight.
From here it’s about an hour’s stroll to the Table Mountain Cableway station to save your knees the excursion down.
Take the signs to Maclear’s Guide and visit the huge cairn that denotes the most noteworthy point on Table Mountain (1 086 meters above ocean level) on your way.
Another choice is to bring Platteklip Canyon down, in any case, head down Skeleton Crevasse or Nursery Gorge to wind up where you began.
Hiking in table mountain from the Camp’s Cove side and you’ll be blessed to receive tranquil perspectives on the Atlantic Sea and a less congested route.
You have two choices for a beginning stage: You can either begin with the Line Track (which could add an additional hour to your climb) or you can stop in Theresa Street and stroll up the Jeep track to the Line Track.
For the last option, you’ll take a left once you’re on the Line Track to get to the Kasteelspoort switch-off.
It’s a pleasant stroll up and you’ll need to take a lot of water breaks to partake in the view. You’ll have the chance to wonder about the Twelve Witnesses, Lion’s Head, the sea, and Robben Island on a sunny morning.
Incredible Sight
In the early morning, you’ll be concealed from the sun by hiking in table mountain, making this climb charming even on hotter days.
Whenever you’ve arrived at the culmination you’ll recognize the “plunging board” to one side where many postures for photographs, yet not to be endeavored by the timid or on a breezy day.
On this track, you’ll likewise detect a few leftovers of the old Cableway, used to deliver supplies for the development of the dams to the highest point of the mountain during the 1800s.
When you’re at the top it’s about an hour of strolling to the Cableway if you have any desire to head down like that.


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