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The Mystery of the Pink Lake in Senegal Lac Rose also known as Lake Retba


The pink lake in Senegal known as Lake Retba and Lac Rose, a coral pink lake settled between white sand ridges and the Atlantic Ocean.

This wonderful lake can be seen in the dry season when it is very pinky, which is normally in the long periods of November through to June. And less pinky during the rainy season in July through October.

Brief History Pink Lake in Senegal known as Lake Retba/Lac Rose

Oral history places it that people were fishing in the lake but by the 1970s, local people began to collect and sell salt for money following a time of financial difficulties.

Local people have from that point forward been shipping, drying and exchanging salt from the lake.

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Why Is The Pink Lake In Senegal Lake Retba/Lac Rose Pink?

As indicated by local people the reason is that the salt content of lake retba/lac rose can measure up to that of the Dead Sea and even surpass it during the dry season.

The water turns into pink in the sun because of salt content micro-algae green growth which creates a red shaded color.

Harvesting of Salt from Lake Retba in Senegal

The majority of these specialists who are young people, work 7 hours every day with the most essential of devices like a basket, spade and stick.

To protect their skin from the unforgiving saltiness of the pink lake in Senegal Lake Retba/Lac Rose, they rub shea butter on their body prior to entering the water else, the salt will harm and cut their skin.

With a depth of just 3 meters, every gatherer paddles to a picked region utilizing a long stick to push against the lower part of the lake to feel where the salt is.

The boat they lease to gather the salt is known as a pirogue and is made of wood. Utilizing any metal instrument would experience immediate rust.

An estimated 1,000 people harvest the pink lake in Senegal and they harvest 24,000 tons of salt every year.

Most of these harvesters are from neighboring countries they are Malians, Guineans, Ivorians, Burkinabe and some from Guinea-Bissau.

The harvesters fill their basket with salt before to hurling it over their heads into their boats. They can reap between 10 to 12 baskets.

There are others, fundamentally women, who stand by coastal, to convey the salt from boat to land.

Two (2) Types of Salt from Lake Rose/Lake Retba

There are two unique sorts of salt that can be found in the pink lake in Senegal Lake Retba/Lac Rose.

One is the ‘medium salt, by people drying fish or working in the leather business, and the huge salt which is utilized in Senegal in food.

The pink lake in Senegal has been a contender for UNESCO World Heritage status beginning around 2005.

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Lake Retba/Lac Rose Facts

  1. The pink lake in Senegal Lake Retba/Lac Rose has been the endpoint of the notable Dakar Rally before it moved to South America.

2. The Dunaliella salina bacteria that makes the lake’s distinctive pink color is harmless to humans, and swimming is possible.

Locals who work extracting salt from the lake use shea butter obtained from a nearby Shea nut tree

3. Lake Retba/lac rose isn’t the only pink lake on the planet. There are different lakes close to Baku, Azerbaijan or in Jeddah, Saudi Ara.

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