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Cichlids in Lake malawi’ A Heaven for Cichlids


There are over 1000 types of Cichlids in Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi is home to the greatest number of fish species among every other lake on the planet.

Lake Malawi is one of the African Great Lakes. It is the ninth biggest lake on the planet and the third biggest lake in Africa by surface region.

It is additionally the second most profound lake in Africa, after Lake Tanganyika, which is found 350 kilometers (220 miles) toward the northwest.

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Topography and Hydrology

Lake Malawi is shared by 3 nations: Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Is additionally called Lake Nyasa in Tanzania and Lago Niassa in Mozambique, and is the southernmost lake from the East African Crack.

The Public authority of Mozambique proclaimed its part of the lake a reserve on June tenth, 2011.

On the Malawi shores, a segment of the lake is likewise remembered for the Lake Malawi Public Park.

Lake Malawi has a most extreme length of 580 kilometers (360 miles), and a greatest width of 75 kilometers (47 miles). It has a surface area of 29,600 square kilometers, or 11,400 square miles.

Its most extreme depth of 706 meters (2,316 feet) makes it the second most deepest lake in Africa. The lake holds a great 8,400 cubic kilometers (2,015 cubic miles) of water.

The lake’s primary inflow is Ruhuhu Waterway, which is 160 kilometers (100 miles) in length.

Ruhuhu Stream has impressive changes in its level, and it can cause up to 7-meter motions in the water level of Lake Malawi.

The Shire Waterway (402 kilometers or 250 miles) is just a surge, streaming out of the lake in the southern segment.

The Shire Waterway streams into the Zambezi Waterway in Mozambique.

The lake is found 474 meters (1,555 feet) above ocean level, so its most deepest point arrives at a depth of 232 meters below ocean level.

It has a catchment area of 94,100 km2, or 36,332 mi2.

Lake Malawi is meromictic, and that implies that its layers of water don’t blend.

There is super durable definition in the lake, which is kept up with by compound and warm angles.

Cichlids’ Boadzulu Island

One of its islands, Boadzulu Island, is momentous because of the incredible number of cichlids that populate its encompassing waters.

Boadzulu Island is situated around 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) off the western shore of the lake.

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Cichlids in Lake Malawi

Cichlids in Lake malawi A Heaven for CichlidsThere are over 1000 types of Cichlids in Lake Malawi making it the richest lake in fish species on the planet.

The extraordinary greater part of the cichlids in lake Malawi is endemic.

They are partitioned into two significant gatherings, the haplochromines, and the tilapias.

The haplochromines have two principal subgroups: one that comprises of untamed water and sand staying species, and one that is known locally under the name of “mbuna“, or “rockdwellers“.

The fish from the Mbuna species are more modest, with the two genders brilliantly hued.

The tilapiines subgroup comprises Coptodon rendalli, the main substrate-generating types of fish in the lake, and five mouthbrooding species.

Numerous cichlid species from Lake Malawi are extremely famous among aquarium owners, due to their brilliant varieties.

One of the most prominent cichlid species is the jelly feline, which is tracked down around West Thumbi Island.

The absolute most significant non-cichlid fish species in the lake includes the lake sardine, the airbreathing catfish, the mochokid catfish, the Mastacembelus prickly eel, mormyrids, the African tetra Brycinus imberi, the spotted killifish, the poeciliid Aplocheilichthys johnstoni, and the mottled eel.


Probably the main natural life viewed as in and around Lake Malawi incorporate hippopotamus, Nile crocodiles, monkeys, and fish hawks. Significant bird species incorporate herons, kingfishers, and cormorants. Different creatures from around the lake incorporate primates, elands, and hyrax.

Likewise, a bunch of 17 painted canines was found in the Kasungu Public Park, despite the fact that the painted canine was viewed as terminated in Malawi.

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Spineless creatures/Invertebrates

28 types of freshwater snails live in Lake Malawi, among which 16 are endemic.

There are likewise 9 bivalves, among which the unionid Nyassunio nyassaensis is endemic.

There is just a single types of freshwater crab in Lake Malawi, the Malawi blue crab.

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