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Shakes & Les – Funk 99 ft LeeMcKrazy


South African musical sensation Shakes & Les have once again taken the music scene by storm with their latest release, “Funk 99.”

This electrifying track, which features the dynamic and vibrant artist LeeMcKrazy, promises to be a standout hit in the ever-evolving amapiano genre.

The Magic of “Funk 99”

A Catchy Hook and Infectious Beats

“Funk 99” is characterized by its catchy hook, which sets the tone for the entire song. Shakes & Les infuse the track with their signature piano melodies and infectious beat drops, creating a sound that is both fresh and familiar.

The combination of these elements ensures that the song resonates with fans of the amapiano genre and beyond.


The release of “Funk 99” cements Shakes & Les’ status as stars in the amapiano genre. Their innovative approach to music production and their ability to collaborate effectively with other artists set them apart in the competitive music industry.

Meet the Artists: Shakes & Les and LeeMcKrazy

Shakes & Les: The Amapiano Maestros

Shakes & Les are no strangers to the South African music scene.  Their ability to blend traditional South African rhythms with modern beats has earned them a dedicated following and a reputation as pioneers in the amapiano genre.

Featuring on “Funk 99” is LeeMcKrazy, a talented lyricist whose powerful verses bring an added layer of depth to the track.

Why You Should Listen to “Funk 99”

“Funk 99” is a track that grabs your attention from the very first note. The engaging melodies and rhythmic beats make it a song that you can’t help but move to.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of amapiano or new to the genre, this track offers something for everyone.

Final Thoughts

“Funk 99” by Shakes & Les featuring LeeMcKrazy is a must-listen track that showcases the best of South African music.


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