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Shallipopi – 100


In the pulsating world of Afrobeat, few artists dare to blend bold lyrics with catchy beats as effectively as Shallipopi.

His latest track, “100,” not only continues this trend but elevates it, offering a powerful anthem that resonates with themes of loyalty, integrity, and rising above societal expectations.

Unpacking the Lyrics

“100” is more than just a track; it’s a statement. Shallipopi cleverly uses the recurring motif of ‘100’ to symbolize completeness and unyielding authenticity among friends and business partners.

The lyrics reflect a world where trust is paramount and every commitment is full-hearted—where 99 isn’t enough without that crucial plus one.

  • Chorus:
    • “99 plus 1, that’s gonna give you 100
    • All my gee’s never see them go keep it 100
    • We no be enemies he no means say we be friends
    • Any business we go share percent 100″

Here, Shallipopi emphasizes staying true and giving one’s all—whether in friendships, enmities, or business ventures.

Verse Analysis

In the verses, Shallipopi explores the dynamics of social ascent and the challenges that come with it:

  • “Wait level up,
    • You’re not up to my level so you got to level up”

This line challenges listeners to rise up to their potential and meet him at the pinnacle of success, setting a high bar for personal achievement.

Musical Composition

The track blends traditional Afrobeat rhythms with contemporary urban sounds, creating an infectious backdrop that makes the profound lyrics palatable and relatable to a global audience.

Themes Explored in “99 Plus 1”

Integrity and Trust

At its core, “100” delves deep into the values of integrity and trust, essential in personal and professional relationships.

It’s a call to maintain a 100% commitment in all dealings, a rare stance in today’s often superficial interactions.

Ambition and Resilience

Shallipopi not only motivates his audience to maintain honesty but also to continually strive for improvement. The repeated calls to “level up” serve as a reminder that stagnation is the enemy of success.

Cultural Impact and Reception

Resonating with the Youth

“100” has quickly become an anthem for the younger generation, who see Shallipopi not just as a musician but as a cultural icon who speaks to their aspirations and struggles.


“100” by Shallipopi is not just a song—it’s a cultural movement. Through his music, Shallipopi is shaping the narrative of Afrobeat, championing themes of integrity, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

As this track continues to captivate and inspire, it cements Shallipopi’s status as a pioneer in the music industry, whose legacy will likely influence generations to come.

FAQs About Shallipopi and “99 Plus 1”

  1. What is the message of “100”?
    • The song emphasizes complete commitment and integrity in personal and business relationships, symbolized by the number 100.
  2. What genre does “100” fall under?
    • “100” is primarily an Afrobeat track, with influences from modern urban music.
  3. Where can I listen to “100”?
    • The track is available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Amazon Music.
  4. Has “100” reached any music charts?
    • While specific chart details are not mentioned, the track has received substantial airplay and streaming numbers, indicating its popularity.
  5. Who produced “100”?
    • The producer details are not explicitly mentioned, but the production quality suggests involvement from top players in the music industry.
  6. Will Shallipopi be touring with “100”?
    • Fans can look forward to potential tours, as artists often hit the road to promote successful singles like “100.”
  7. How has “100” been received by the public?
    • The song has been warmly received, particularly for its relatable lyrics and catchy rhythm, resonating especially with the youth.


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