North Africa

North African Foods, Dishes, Cuisines, Recipes & Flavours


North African Foods, Dishes, Cuisines, Recipes & Flavours

North Africa is a region bounded by the deserts of Libya to the East and the Sahara to the South. The ancient Berber tribes who lived there nomadically invented couscous, and lived on fava beans, lentils, wheat, and honey before ships from across the sea began cross-pollinating with the area with new foods.

The foods of northern Africa are based on these and other flavors inherent to that region. But there is no such thing as northern African cuisine. The cooking of each of these countries—Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt—has it own distinct personality.

 Notable Foods, Dishes, Cuisines, Recipes & Flavours found in  North Africa

Koshary / كشاري

Is an Egyptian dish made of rice, macaroni & lentils all mixed together & topped with spicy tomato sauce & fried onions.



North African Foods: Is a Maghrebi  dish made of small steamed balls of semolina with a soup of veggies. Preparation  varies from libya to morocco to  tunisia & egypt.



Is an Okra with veggies or/and meat stew, it’s widely known all over the Middle East and North Africa.



Is traditional Maghrebi dish made of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin.


Bastilla or Pastilla

North African Foods: Is a chicken or any meat pie, it’s basically a Moroccan/Andalusian dish that later spread in the Maghreb.



This is basically Couscous with dry fruits or steamed vegetables sometimes topped with fermented milk (Lben).



A famous Moroccan dish which features saffron chicken, lamb or beef hidden within a dome of steamed couscous or broken vermicelli.



Sudanese Mahshi

This is a Sudanese dish made of assorted bell peppers and zucchini, cored, stuffed with minced meat.


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North African Foods: Is a soup of vegetables mainly beans and noodles, & it’s a traditional Tunisian dish.










This is an Egyptian dish which features small dough stuffed with ground beef, veggies, and olives.




This is a dish made up of a cooked wheat flour lump of dough, sometimes with added butter or honey. it’s eaten all over MENA.



North African Foods: Is a Tunisian dish based on chick peas in a thin garlic & cumin-flavoured soup.



it’s like couscous but bigger grains & cooked directly in a soup, it’s eaten all over the Maghreb.




Madqouqa (in Morocco & Algeria)

Is a dish made of cooked & mashed tomatoes & peppers with a lot of olive oil.



This is Algerian semolina flatbread, it’s literally eaten with everything & anything. especially with H’miss.




North African Foods: The larger, bigger & softer version of Kesra, it’s amazing when dipped in olive oil.


Fūl Medames

A dish of cooked fava beans served with vegetable oil & cumin. originally from Egypt & eaten all over MENA.


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A Moroccan dish served with chicken & lentils & fenugreek seeds, msemmen, meloui or day-old bread, & the blend of Ras el hanout.


Falafal or Taamiya

North African Foods: Is a deep-fried ball, doughnut or patty made of ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. It’s eaten all over MENA.


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Sheikh Mahshi

Eggplants stuffed with meat & accompnied with rice. You can find it all over MENA espacially in Libya and Lebanon.



Is a nutritious & delicious Jute leaves soup, eaten all over MENA.



Is an Egyptian dish based on Colcasia cubes cooked in Swiss chard & Coriander broth.


Harira or Chorba

Is a soup of veggies with vermicelli or crushed green wheat, it’s a traditional dish of the Maghreb.






Is an Egyptian dish also known as Phyllo meat pie, it’s eaten all over the Mediterranean coast.



North African Foods: Is a Maghrebi dish which is named after the earthenware pot in which it is been cooked. You can put anything in it & still tastes good.



Is a traditional Libyan dish based on an unleavened bread prepared with barley, water & salt, with meat, veggies & boiled eggs.


Batbot (Mkhamer or Toghrift)

is a Moroccan bread baked in a pan & sometimes stuffed salads, meats & whatever you want in it.





Is a Maghrebi dish which features couscous & fermented milk (Lben).



North African Foods: Is a soup of snails with spices, it’s a traditional Moroccan dish.



it’s a MENA dish consisting of pieces of fresh, toasted, or stale flatbread covered with other ingredients (meat, rice, etc..).



it’s a dish that consists of grilled beef balls with vegetables & rice. It’s eaten all over MENA & Mediterranean countries.



North African Foods: Is a Moroccan pan-fried flatbread made of semolina. Perfect with any dish, whether salty or sweet, especially for breakfast.




Slata Meshwiya (Grilled Salad)

Is a Tunisian dish which consists of grilled tomatoes, onions & peppers, served with olive oil & eggs.




Is an Algerian dessert made of toasted semolina & honey, it’s made on birthdays, weddings & other traditional celebrations.




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