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Tippi Degre: The Young White Girl Who Grew up with Wildlife in Namibia


Tippi degre was an only child who was born and reared in the wilds of Southern Africa. For the first 10 years of her existence, she made friends with the continent’s “wild” creatures.

Tippi, who spent her childhood in Namibia until she was ten, experienced an extraordinary life amidst the wilderness.

Surrounded by a variety of wild animals including elephants, leopards, crocodiles, lion cubs, giraffes, and cheetahs, she formed unique friendships with each of them.

Growing up alongside the Bushmen and Himba tribes of the Kalahari, Tippi was deeply influenced by their way of life.

They taught her survival skills, such as subsisting on roots and berries, and how to communicate in their language.

Her parents, Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert, were wildlife photographers and their work in the stunning landscapes of Namibia profoundly shaped Tippi’s early years.

Tippi Degre & the Wild Animals of Africa

It’s hard to believe that the pictures of Tippi and other wild African creatures are genuine when you look at them!

In actuality, she did approach the creatures in the photographs exceptionally closely, but many of them were not actually wild.

Tippi was shot with a majority of orphaned wildlife species that had been reared by people on ranches or in other habitual settings, including the circus or the movie business.

Tippi developed an incredible relationship with these animals, which is not diminished by the generally ignored reality that they were not entirely wild.

This brave little girl nevertheless approached a variety of creatures up close and personal, something few would do.

The most amazing images her parents took of Tippi as a little child getting close to various creatures they came across on their extended excursions around Africa are the most engaging aspect of this unusual narrative.

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Here are a few of the creatures that Tippi Degre grew to love

Crocodiles, giraffes, a Northern Greater Galago, a Banded Mongoose, meerkats, a young zebra, a Caracal, an African Grey Parrot, enormous bullfrogs, and chameleons are among the other animals they saw.

Tippi made friends with Namibia’s Himba and Bushmen as well.

She learned their language and how to subsist on berries and roots from these native people.

Today’s Tippi Degre: Where is the Wild Child?

Tippi Degre is a documentary filmmaker and environmentalist who resides in Paris.

She relocated to Madagascar when she was ten years old, followed by her parents’ relocation to Paris, where she was accorded local superstar status.

Tippi quit school after two years to be homeschooled due to the enormous transition from the African bush to the French capital.

She reportedly found it difficult to fit in at school after spending years living in the forest with animals and indigenous people and having nothing in common with other kids her age.

Tippi returned to Southern Africa after relocating to Paris to film six environmental programs for the Discovery Channel.

Later, she pursued a degree in film at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris and published Tippi of Africa, which became a bestseller.

A little YouTube film shows Tippi going back to Africa at the age of 16 to raise awareness about preserving local customs and animals.

“Bridging two entirely different cultures, meeting old and new friends” were the goals of her visit.

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Tippi Degre Real Name

Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degré (born June 4, 1990), she ia an animal activist and actress who appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” is the inspiration for the nickname “Real Life Mowgli,” which was given to Tippi.

She is an actress, and is rumored to have kept mature lions as pets in her house. Tippi Degre, a person so in tune with nature’s creatures, is an appropriate moniker for Tippi Hedren.


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