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The African Countries that Love to Gamble


Gambling has become a cultural phenomena in the rich tapestry of Africa, especially among young people.

The polls by GeoPoll, which were performed in May 2017 and December 2021, have provided fascinating new information about the gaming customs of African countries. Join us as we tour the African nations where gaming is popular.

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Top Gambling Countries in Africa from Kenya to Nigeria

With an astounding 83.90% of Kenyans admitting to gambling or placing bets, Kenya dominates the African gaming scene. Surprisingly, despite regulatory measures, this number has kept increasing.

Following closely after is Nigeria, where 78% of people say they gamble. Notably, Nigerians also spend the most money on bets on a monthly average.

74% of respondents in South Africa, a country renowned for its extensive betting choices, reported gambling.

It’s interesting to note that lotteries narrowly beat out football as the most popular sport for wagering (29.3% vs. 53%).

In Tanzania, on the coast of East Africa, 63% of respondents bet, with football continuing to be the most popular sport. Uganda has also experienced a rise in its betting culture, with 59% of the population partaking.

Check out the chart below, which highlights the main results and preferences across different countries, to learn more about the intriguing world of African gaming.

Country Percentage of Gamblers Preferred Betting Choice
Kenya 83.90% Football (Soccer)
Nigeria 78% Football (Soccer)
South Africa 74% Football (Soccer)
Ghana 70% Lotteries (Lotto)
Tanzania 63% Football (Soccer)
Uganda 59% Football (Soccer)



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