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The Least Expensive 5-star Hotels in Africa


The Least Expensive 5-star Hotels in Africa

We provide a carefully chosen list of the continent’s most magnificent 5-star Hotels that won’t put a hole in your pocketbook — all for under $100 a night — revealing a world of luxury without the astronomical price tags.

Here are Africa’s Best 5-star Hotels for Less Than $100

1. Ethiopia’s Capital Hotel and Spa ($101/night)

Welcome to Addis Abeba’s enchanted world, where the Capital Hotel and Spa shines as a light of opulent refinement.

This hidden treasure, which is only a short distance from the Bole International Airport, provides unparalleled accessibility and serves as a point of entry to the busy activities of the city.

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2. Mozambique’s 5-star Hotel Golden Peacock Hotel ($98/night)

Whether visiting Beira for business or pleasure, guests can expect a delightful stay at the 2013-renovated Golden Peacock Resort 5-star Hotel.

This 5-star Hotel is conveniently located about 0.5 kilometers from the airport. Every effort is made to make guests feel comfortable thanks to its handy location.

The hotel offers the greatest services and amenities and has 190 elegantly decorated suites that offer opulent luxuries.

3. ($85 per night) Villa Moringa Guest House in Namibia

The Villa Moringa Guest House is located in Ludwigsdorf, a posh neighborhood of Windhoek.

A haven for the discriminating tourist, it offers opulent accommodations filled with Portuguese and worldwide gastronomic pleasures.

A minibar, DSTV, wireless internet, and air conditioning are just a few of the amenities available to opulence.

4. Zambia’s Mika Convention Center costs $76 per night

Look at this marvel of contemporary architecture: the Mika Convention Center in Zambia.

This opulent getaway covers 60,000 square meters and is only a short distance from KK International Airport.

Eighty magnificent rooms with top-notch facilities beckon, providing a getaway soaked in luxury and glitz.

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5. Morocco’s Palais des Remparts costs $75 per night

The Palais des Remparts, a standing example of Moroccan architectural beauty, is located in the center of Essaouira’s historic medina.

Within its newly refurbished walls, take a trip through time at the astonishingly 5-star Hotel’s low price of only $73 per night.

6. Kenya’s Cowrie Shell Beach Apartments ($54/night)

A hidden gem of luxury is revealed at the Cowrie Shell Beach Apartments on Mombasa’s Bamburi Beach.

This upscale hotel is a tranquil refuge with stunning ocean views, sandy beaches, and a wide range of water activities. Immerse yourself in modern kitchens, the height of leisure, and African art.

Uganda’s Don Thrill Hotel ($54/night)The Don Thrill Hotel in Kampala invites you to take in its beauty while being close to Lake Victoria and the US Embassy.

Enjoy delicious meals, relax with a drink at the bar or lounge, and take pleasure in the luxuries of this amazing 5-star haven.

7. South Africa’s Vrede Self Catering costs $48 per night

Vrede Self Catering, located in Somerset West’s Boskloof Eco-estate, offers solitude and peace.

Enjoy the exquisitely constructed rooms that give a refuge of luxury and seclusion while taking in the spectacular views of the Indian Ocean and gorgeous mountains.

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8. ($44 per night) Movenpick Hotel Sfax, Tunisia

The Movenpick Hotel, a gem in Sfax’s crown, provides easy access to the Casbah Museum. Enjoy the stylish accommodations and the hotel’s convenient location, which makes exploring the area simple.

9. Egypt’s Steigenberger Resort Achti $45 for each night

At the Steigenberger Resort Achti, go on an Egyptian voyage as the beauty of the Nile and the allure of Luxor are shown to you.

Bask in panoramic vistas, explore ancient ruins, and lose yourself in a realm of unparalleled elegance.


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