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Top Leading Diamond Producers in Africa


Africa is a treasure trove of valuable minerals, playing a crucial role in the continent’s economic development.

The Black continent boasts about 30% of the world’s total mineral reserves, from extensive oil reserves to lush agricultural lands.

These include gold, copper, platinum, cobalt, uranium, lithium, and more. They are vital to various industries, from electronics and infrastructure to energy production.

But among these riches, diamonds shine the brightest. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of diamond production in Africa and discover the top 10 diamond-producing countries on the continent.

Africa’s Mineral Wealth: A Global Treasure Trove

Africa’s mineral riches are spread across the continent, significantly contributing to the economic growth of many African nations.

The continent’s vast mineral reserves are not concentrated in one specific region but are dispersed, making Africa a key player in the global mineral market.

These resources are essential for various industries and are crucial for the economic development of the continent.

The Kimberley Process: Regulating the Diamond Industry

Recent diamond production statistics from the Kimberley Process, a joint government, industry, and civil society initiative, reveal the prominent role of African nations in the global diamond industry.

The Kimberley Process regulates the trade and production of diamonds to ensure that they are conflict-free.

According to these statistics, eight African nations have secured their positions within the top ten diamond-producing countries worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at these countries and their diamond production.

1. Botswana: The Crown Jewel of Africa

  • Production Volume (cts): 24,509,939.00
  • Value ($): $4,700,321,539.00

Botswana is the undisputed leader in diamond production in Africa. The country’s diamond mines are among the richest in the world, contributing significantly to the national economy.

The diamonds from Botswana are known for their high quality, making them highly sought after in the global market.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo: The Giant Awakens

  • Production Volume (cts): 9,908,997.66
  • Value ($): $64,959,638.25

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is another major player in the diamond industry. Despite the challenges faced by the country, the DRC continues to produce a significant volume of diamonds.

The country’s diamond production plays a vital role in its economy, providing employment and revenue.

3. South Africa: A Legacy of Luxury

  • Production Volume (cts): 9,660,233.00
  • Value ($): $1,538,930,037.97

South Africa has a long and storied history in the diamond industry. The country is home to some of the world’s most famous diamond mines, including the Kimberley and Cullinan mines.

South Africa’s diamond production continues to be a major contributor to its economy.

4. Angola: Rising Star

  • Production Volume (cts): 8,763,309.30
  • Value ($): $1,965,247,499.47

Angola has emerged as a significant diamond producer in recent years. The country’s diamond industry has seen substantial growth, with production volumes and values increasing steadily.

Angola’s diamonds are known for their size and quality, making them highly desirable in the global market.

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5. Zimbabwe: A Hidden Gem

  • Production Volume (cts): 4,461,450.15
  • Value ($): $423,612,395.43

Zimbabwe’s diamond industry is a hidden gem in Africa’s mineral wealth. The country has significant diamond reserves, and its production plays a crucial role in the national economy.

Zimbabwe’s diamonds are known for their clarity and brilliance.

6. Namibia: Coastal Treasures

  • Production Volume (cts): 2,054,227.06
  • Value ($): $1,234,496,934.12

Namibia’s diamond production is unique because many of its diamonds are found along the coast.

The country’s diamond industry is a major contributor to its economy, providing jobs and revenue. Namibia’s diamonds are known for their exceptional quality.

7. Lesotho: Mountainous Marvels

  • Production Volume (cts): 727,736.95
  • Value ($): $314,358,893.67

Lesotho is a small but significant player in the diamond industry. The country’s diamond mines are located in mountainous regions, and the diamonds produced are known for their high quality. Lesotho’s diamond industry is a vital part of its economy.

8. Sierra Leone: The Resilient Producer

  • Production Volume (cts): 688,970.20
  • Value ($): $142,907,210.45

Sierra Leone has a resilient diamond industry that has overcome many challenges. Diamond production is a crucial part of the country’s economy, providing employment and revenue. Sierra Leone’s diamonds are known for their unique characteristics.

9. Tanzania: East Africa’s Diamond Hub

  • Production Volume (cts): 375,533.14
  • Value ($): $110,936,767.64

Tanzania is a major diamond producer in East Africa. The country’s diamond mines produce high-quality diamonds that are in demand globally. Tanzania’s diamond industry is a significant contributor to its economy.

10. Guinea: West Africa’s Shining Star

Guinea is a rising star in West Africa’s diamond industry. The country’s diamond production is growing steadily, and its diamonds are known for their quality. Guinea’s diamond industry is a crucial part of its economy.


Africa’s diamond-producing countries are a testament to the continent’s vast mineral wealth. They play a vital role in the global diamond industry and contribute significantly to their economies.

The rich deposits across these nations highlight Africa’s importance in the global market, providing essential revenue and development opportunities for the region.

From Botswana’s leading production to Guinea’s rising star, Africa’s diamonds continue to shine brightly on the world stage.

Botswana remains a powerhouse with its high-quality diamonds and well-managed industry, while Guinea is quickly gaining recognition for its growing output and potential. These countries exemplify the diverse and abundant mineral resources that position Africa as a crucial player in the global diamond industry.


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