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Access Bank Expands in East Africa’ Acquires African Banking Corporation of Tanzania


In a bold move that underscores its ambitious growth strategy, Access Bank Plc has successfully acquired African Banking Corporation (Tanzania) Limited.

This acquisition is a significant milestone for Access Bank, aligning perfectly with its mission to become the world’s most respected African bank.

A Strategic Leap Forward

The Announcement

Access Bank officially announced the acquisition in a statement, marking a pivotal moment in its expansion journey.

This acquisition follows an initial announcement made in July 2023 and signifies a major step in solidifying Access Bank’s presence in East Africa.

Combining Forces

With the successful acquisition of BancABC Tanzania, Access Bank plans to merge BancABC’s operations with those of Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania.

This merger will create a new entity known as Access Bank Tanzania, which will integrate consumer, private, and business banking services.

Leadership Vision

CEO’s Statement

Access Bank’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Roosevelt Ogbonna, shared his enthusiasm for the acquisition:

“This strategic move represents a notable step towards setting a railroad in Tanzania for intra-African trade within the East African region, Africa and the rest of the world. It underscores our commitment to creating a robust East African banking network, driving positive change and innovation.”

Ogbonna also highlighted the opportunities this acquisition brings, emphasizing the potential to leverage combined strengths to deliver exceptional financial solutions and experiences to customers.

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Broader Implications

Enhancing Intra-African Trade

The acquisition is more than just a business transaction; it’s a strategic effort to enhance intra-African trade. By establishing a stronger foothold in Tanzania, Access Bank aims to facilitate smoother trade routes within East Africa and beyond, driving economic growth and regional integration.

Expanding Access Bank’s Footprint

This acquisition is part of a broader strategy to expand Access Bank’s footprint across Africa.

Earlier this year, Access Bank acquired ARM Pensions and Megatech Insurance Brokers Ltd, further diversifying its portfolio and strengthening its market position.

Integration Process

Merging Operations

Following the completion of the acquisition, Access Bank will merge BancABC Tanzania’s operations with the consumer, private, and business banking divisions of Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania.

This merger will create a robust entity poised to offer comprehensive financial services and innovative banking solutions.

Leveraging Synergies

By combining the strengths of BancABC and Standard Chartered, Access Bank Tanzania will be well-positioned to provide enhanced financial services. This includes improved access to credit, innovative banking solutions, and superior customer experiences.

A New Era for Tanzanian Banking

Driving Economic Growth

Access Bank Tanzania is set to play a crucial role in driving economic growth in the region. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric services, the new entity will support local businesses, foster entrepreneurship, and contribute to the overall economic development of Tanzania.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Access Bank’s strategy. By integrating cutting-edge technology and banking solutions, Access Bank Tanzania aims to revolutionize the banking landscape in the region, making banking more accessible, efficient, and customer-friendly.

Looking Ahead

Future Prospects

The acquisition of African Banking Corporation Tanzania is just the beginning. Access Bank is committed to continuing its expansion across Africa, seeking new opportunities and partnerships to enhance its service offerings and reach.

Customer-Centric Approach

Access Bank’s customer-centric approach will remain a cornerstone of its strategy. By understanding and addressing the unique needs of its customers, Access Bank Tanzania aims to build lasting relationships and deliver unparalleled financial solutions.


The successful acquisition of African Banking Corporation Tanzania by Access Bank Plc marks a significant milestone in the bank’s journey towards becoming a leading African financial institution.

This strategic move not only enhances Access Bank’s presence in East Africa but also paves the way for future growth and innovation.

As Access Bank continues to expand its horizons, it remains committed to delivering exceptional value to its customers and driving positive change across the continent.


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