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Africa’s Top 10 Premier International Airports


Africa’s reputation as a destination for travelers continues to grow, with its tourism and business sectors thriving. The continent’s aviation industry plays a key role in this development, connecting Africa to the global community.

The latest rankings from Skytrax, an esteemed international airline assessment organization, highlight the top airports in Africa. South Africa leads the pack, with significant contributions from Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda, and Mauritius.

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Top 10 Leading International Airports in Africa


  1. Cape Town International Airport, South Africa: Recognized as a leading international hub, this airport boasts modern facilities and a strong commitment to environmentally friendly practices. It accommodates a daily passenger density of 4.13 per 10 square meters.
  2. King Shaka International Airport, South Africa: Situated in Durban, this airport is noted for its exceptional service and infrastructure, with a terminal area of 102,000 m2 and an annual capacity of 7.5 million passengers.
  3. Johannesburg International Airport, South Africa: This airport is the main gateway for both domestic and international flights in South Africa. It’s the fifth busiest in Africa, with a yearly capacity for 28 million passengers.
  4. Casablanca International Airport, Morocco: Handling approximately 7.6 million passengers in 2022, it ranks among Africa’s top 10 busiest airports. It’s a central hub for airlines like Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia Maroc.
  5. Mauritius International Airport: Acting as a crucial link with direct flights to continents including Africa, Asia, and Europe, this airport is known for its dedication to passenger satisfaction.
  6. Marrakech International Airport, Morocco: This facility connects Morocco with Europe, the Arab world, and plans to extend to North America. Its terminals have a capacity to manage 2.5 million passengers a year.
  7. Addis Ababa International Airport, Ethiopia: The primary hub for Ethiopian Airlines, this airport connects the continent with various global destinations and can handle significant passenger traffic.

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  8. Kigali International Airport, Rwanda: Serving the capital city of Kigali, it’s pivotal in linking the region’s major cities and accommodates around 1.5 million passengers annually.
  9. Nairobi International Airport, Kenya: A crucial hub for East African destinations, it has expanded its capacity to host up to 26.5 million passengers every year.
  10. Bloemfontein International Airport, South Africa: Now known as Bram Fischer International Airport, it serves as a significant economic center, handling over 300,000 passengers and 17,000 air traffic movements each year.


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