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The Africa they Never Tell You About’ Amazing Facts about Africa


There are many facts about Africa, the continent is blessed with 54 separate nations and a diverse mix of indigenous peoples, cultures, economics, and histories, is widely believed by experts to be the place where humans first emerged.

It has a breathtaking range of landscapes, including enormous deserts, tropical rain forests, rocky mountains, and lush meadows. It has a greater diversity of flora and animals than any other continent.

Every year, a growing number of travelers from all around the world come to this amazing continent to take in its beauty.

However, despite its natural beauty and wealth, Africa is home to fifteen of the world’s least developed countries, 70% of its people live on less than $2 per day, famine and disease continue to claim millions of lives there every year, and many of its children are denied access to even the most fundamental education.

Short Facts About Africa

1, Second-largest continent in the globe. 11.700 million square miles

2. Population projected at 877 million

3. Cairo, Egypt, has the most inhabitants at 9.2 million.

4. Algeria is the largest nation, with 919,595 square miles (was Sudan, 968,000 square miles)

5. Nile River, 4,160 kilometers long

6. Victoria is the largest lake at 26,828 square miles.

7. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, is the highest mountain at 19,340 feet

Several Fascinating Facts about Africa

With a total size of almost 11 million square miles, or 5.7% of the earth’s surface and 20% of all land on our planet, Africa is regarded as the second-largest continent in the world.

Its fascinating topography and intriguing history combine to make it a continent with astounding biodiversity. Africa is considerably more than just its well-known characteristics of poverty and apartheid.

There are 54 nations, along with many disputed regions. Before it was divided into Sudan and South Sudan, Sudan was the biggest country in Africa.

In terms of size, Algeria is now the biggest nation in Africa. Cairo, Egypt’s largest city, serves as the country’s capital.

Africa is the second-largest continent in terms of size combined with population. A few facts about Africa are provided here to help you learn more about this stunning continent, which is home to some of nature’s greatest treasures.

Amazing African Facts

• The fact that Africa’s length and width are roughly equal is one of the continent’s most intriguing facts. From east to west and north to south, it is around 4,660 meters long.

• With around 12% of the world’s population, Africa is both the second-largest and second-most populous continent.

• With a population of 120–140 million, Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa. The least populous nation is Seychelles, which has a population of 80,000.

• There are around 3,000 different ethnic groupings on the African continent, with about 370 of these tribes having received formal recognition in Nigeria alone. Here, you may learn more about African culture.

• Around 2,000 distinct languages, each with a unique dialect, are spoken throughout Africa. Arabic, however, is the language that is most extensively spoken.

• The African continent is split in half by the equator, which travels approximately 2,500 miles from west to east, creating the continent’s north and south halves. Many African countries, including the Congo, Somalia, Uganda, and Kenya, are traversed by it.

• According to fossil records, Africa appears to be the first continent where humans were discovered. According to the fossil evidence, humans may have lived on the African continent approximately 7 million years ago.

• The Nile, which flows for around 4,150 miles until it enters the ocean, is the longest river in the world, and it originates in Africa. It passes through a number of African nations, including Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, and Egypt, making the terrain incredibly fertile.

The Victoria Falls

• Victoria Falls, which are on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, are the biggest waterfall in Africa. Its height is 355 feet, and the water fall’s span is approximately a mile.

• The Sahara desert, the biggest desert in the world, is located in Africa and covers an area of around 3.5 million square miles, spanning at least a dozen nations.

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A portion of northern Africa is covered by the Sahara desert

• At 19,340 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest peak in Africa. Africa’s biggest lake, Lake Victoria, is 26,560 square miles in size.

The biggest island in Africa, Madagascar, is located just off the continent’s east coast. It is around 1,000 miles in length and 350 miles in breadth. The fourth-largest island in the world is this one.

The world’s greatest flora and animals may be found in Africa. The world’s most thriving animals may be found there.

Additionally, it is home to some of the swiftest land species, including the cheetah, wildebeest, gazelle, and lion. Learn more about the animals in Africa by visiting this page.

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• Mining in Africa is well recognized, and at least half of the world’s diamonds and gold are produced there. The remaining 50% of these precious metals and stones’ output is contributed by the rest of the world’s nations.

• The Blyde River Canyon, the third-biggest canyon in the world, is located in South Africa and is recognized as the “largest green canyon in the world.”

Please get in touch with us if you are aware of any further fascinating African facts that you would want to share with us; we will be happy to include them here.



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