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Highest Crime Rate by State in Africa


Tackling the adverse impacts of elevated crime rates in African nations necessitates a comprehensive and collaborative strategy.

The urgency of addressing this issue has heightened as crime levels in Africa garner increased attention, affecting various facets of society, including individuals, businesses, and the overall economic milieu.

While commendable efforts have been made by several African nations to dispel detrimental stereotypes and foster stability and safety through crime eradication, certain regions still grapple with persistently high crime rates.

A primary consequence of an elevated crime index is its detrimental effect on the economy. Widespread criminal activities act as deterrents to foreign investments, impede business expansion, and contribute to an overarching sense of instability.

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Investors often exhibit reluctance to engage in regions characterized by high crime rates, fearing potential financial losses and operational disruptions.

Consequently, the affected nations may experience hindered economic development, constraining opportunities for job creation and prosperity.

Moreover, elevated crime rates can corrode the social fabric of communities, instilling fear and mistrust among residents. These complications underscore the profound challenges associated with nations grappling with high crime rates.

Outlined below are the African countries exhibiting the highest crime index as of the beginning of 2024, based on data provided by Numbeo, a globally recognized data and research platform.

Top 10 Highest Crime Rate by State in Africa

Rank Country Crime index
1. South Africa 75.4
2. Angola 66.5
3. Nigeria 66.1
4. Somalia 65.2
5. Cameroon 63.9
6. Namibia 63.8
7. Mozambique 63.7
8. Zimbabwe 61.0
9. Libya 60.4
10. Ivory Coast 57.1




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