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Zanzibar Tanzania’ The Ultimate Travel Guide- Africa Facts Zone

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  • How to Get to Zanzibar Tanzania' Travel Guide
  • Best Time To Visit Zanzibar Tanzania
  • How to Get to Zanzibar Tanzania' Travel Guide
  • Internet & Network Connection
  • Gettin Around Zanzibar Tanzania
  • Health Precautions for Zanzibar Tanzania
  • Safety Precautions In Zanzibar Tanzania
  • Shopping Around Zanzibar Tanzania

Africa Facts Zone presents Zanzibar Tanzania; Zanzibar is an archipelago, comprising of a series of islands in the Indian Ocean a little more than 15 miles off the shore of Tanzania in East Africa. Unguja, usually called Zanzibar, is the biggest island, and it’s where most guests invest their energy. Zanzibar is otherwise called the Spice Islands, and has been a significant wellspring of the world’s stock of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and dark pepper for quite a long time.

There is proof of civilization in Zanzibar going back 20,000 years. It has seen rushes of settlement and colonization from antiquated Persian dealers to the Portuguese and British. The outcome is an intriguing present day island with an assorted populace and an inviting soul towards guests to their excellent tropical home.

The most effective method to Get to Zanzibar Tanzania’ Travel Guide

Zanzibar Tanzania can be reached by just two different ways of transportation – ship from Dar es Salaam or non-stop trip to the island. We got the opportunity to encounter the two different ways. So except if you join your excursion with an overland safari visit in Tanzania, We strongly prescribe you to lean toward non-stop flight.

Getting to Zanzibar Tanzania via Plane

There is a international air terminal situated in Zanzibar, Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ). is a little more than three miles south of Zanzibar City on Unguja Island. After a safari trip, the most favored flights are from Arusha (Tanzania), Nairobi or Mombasa (Kenya), and Johannesburg (South Africa).

Getting to Zanzibar by Ferry

There are two organizations working ship day to day from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar Tanzania as well as the other way around – Azam Marine and Zanzibar Fast Ferries. The expense is $35 for standard and $50 for VIP. Despite the fact that tickets are accessible at ship terminals, you would do well to book on the web or through a trustful specialist ahead of time.

Ship almost requires two hours and can be stuffed – as such, on the off chance that you don’t move quickly enough, you can’t track down a reasonable free seat inside. The VIP segment is the best for convenience with.

Prior to booking your ticket, remember that the ship isn’t quite as save as the plane in view of successive pickpocketing and inferior standing of mishaps.

Take just air terminal taxicabs or hotel taxis, don’t give anyone your baggage to be borne.

Try not to convey a ton of money on you.
Try not to nod off on the ship.
Try not to utilize/show your fresh out of the box new cell phone and wallet out in the open.

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How to Obtain a Visa for Zanzibar?

Before head off, our movement guide recommend you figure out Tanzania visa requirments as indicated by your identification or ethnicity.

Numerous public international IDs award visa on appearance, however you would be wise to really take a look at the refreshed circumstance. A web-based e-visa framework is additionally accessible. Visa charges might change, however by and large, single section costs $50; various passages cost $100.

Appearance via plane: If you intend to acquire a visa on appearance, remember to carry your pen to finish up the application structure and be ready to pay the visa expense with cash or with charge card.

Appearance by Ferry: Getting to Zanzibar by ship implies that you’ve proactively got Tanzania visa, and you don’t have to acquire for the enhanced one. In any case, you ought to go through a visa check upon appearance.


Best Time to Visit Zanzibar Tanzania

July-August-September: Despite being wintertime, these months are the high season for Zanzibar because of low rainfall. Particularly August is the most un-wet month.

December-January-February: Another high season. These months are very hot and somewhat dry. The temperature can arrive at 35 degrees. It is liked by the vacationer looking for warm options during New Year festivities.

October-November: Scattered downpour may regularly happen during these months. The temperature might arrive at 30 degrees. You can like to design an excursion during this season, yet having radiant days relies upon karma.

Walk April-May-Mid June: Monsoon strikes the island on these months. We urge you not to travel this season except if you are excited about staying in a lodging.

No matter what the season, there is generally the opportunity of downpour in Zanzibar because of the heat and humidity.

Instructions to Get to Zanzibar Tanzania’ Travel Guide

The essential language in Zanzibar Tanzania is the assortment of Swahili, however English is generally spoken. You have no correspondence issues in traveler regions. Utilizing several Swahili words make Zanzibarians more than blissful, as well.

Here are some Swahili phrases you should utilize:

Jambo/Salama = Hello!

Karibu = You’re gladly received!

Poli = Slowly leisurely

Ahsante sana = Thank you to such an extent!

Sawa = OK

Hakuna matata! = No concerns!

What is the best money to take to Zanzibar Tanzania?

Albeit the Euro’s and British pounds can be changed, the best cash to utilize is the US dollar.

Many trade departments are closed down in Zanzibar by the public authority up until this point. So the fundamental ways of trading cash are to utilize trade agencies situated in the air terminal, ATMs machines, or neighborhood banks in Stone Town.



Web and Network Connection

Despite the fact that practically entire lodgings and cafĆ©s by the ocean side proposition free Wi-Fi in Zanzibar, it doesn’t mean it’s generally accessible šŸ™‚ You shouldn’t believe the free Wi-Fi decision since the sign can be poor. Hence, you would do well to get a nearby SIM Card to remain connested to the internet.

Zantel has the best network covrage on the island. Africa Facts Zone travel guide supports you buy the SIM Card from nearby stores in Stone Town as opposed to from the air terminal. In addition, if it’s not too much trouble, note that as all bearings are in Swahili, you’ll require help to initiate the SIM Card.

Getting Around Zanzibar Tanzania


Dala is a sort of minibus from the front view, truck from the back view. It is the main public transportation on the island and without a doubt the most reasonable method for getting around – One-way costs between 300-2000 THs ($0.15-$1) contingent upon the distance. Except if you have huge baggage, you pay as something very similar with local people. However, a few guides might demand greater costs for the explanation of being vacationers.

Taxi – Private Cab

Getting a taxi for the whole occasion isn’t savvy in Zanzibar Tanzania You end up in a circumstance of bargaining constantly since taximeter isn’t utilized. Additionally, drivers are undependable constantly.

All things considered, you can either orchestrate a private taxi ahead of time or bargain with a trustful driver for your entire outing. This way is more reasonable and time successful on the off chance that you observe a taxi who can take you around as an aide.

Starting around 2019, is dynamic in Zanzibar Tanzania as a taxi application like Uber. Remembering, it requires a nearby line, and you might think about exploiting this other option, also.

Lease a Car or a Scooter

To investigate each side of Zanzibar and move unreservedly, the most ideal way to get around is by leasing a bike or a vehicle.

There were two fundamental purposes for why we favored leasing a vehicle as opposed to a bike We had a lot of stuff to convey in the daytime, and everyday rental charges for bikes were almost equivalent to the vehicle’s.

Visit Operators

A few administrators offer everyday visits for fascination focuses on the island. You can orchestrate them online ahead of time or by means of your lodging after appearance. Assuming you pick the options including transportation, the tour company takes you from where you oblige and drop you back by the day’s end. It is all the more exorbitant, yet the astute choice for the ones who need more opportunity to make an arrangement, and lean toward extravagance travel.

Transport Buses

You can utilize transport transports for going from the air terminal to focal areas or moving between fundamental sea shores.

Wellbeing Precautions for Zanzibar Tanzania

Yellow fever inoculation isn’t obligatory for Zanzibar except if you’re coming from a tainted nation like Kenya or Ethiopia. Assuming that you existed one of this nations in something like one year or you fly from that point, you are expected to show your yellow fever inoculation testament upon appearance.

Do I really want jungle fever tablets for Zanzibar? Zanzibar isn’t an intestinal sickness free island, yet cases are lacking. Thus, taking enemy of intestinal sickness tables relies upon you. You can utilize the mosquito repellent containing DEET, likewise get a mosquito net, and wear long-sleeve garments after nightfall for counteraction.

Daylight is incredibly strong in the white sea shores of Zanzibar Tanzania particularly during a breezy day. Try not to miss to get safeguarded by salves.

We prescribe you to try not to eat road food sources assuming that you are touchy. Attempt to eat meat and fish in swarmed and more favored places. Polish off just filtered water.

Travel protection is fundamental for Zanzibar Tanzania. You shouldn’t miss that.

Wellbeing Precautions for Zanzibar

Despite the fact that Zanzibar is protected to travel and move around, there are some burglary cases to keep an eye out.

As I referenced previously, don’t convey a ton of money on you. I suggest not seeming to be a rich. At the end of the day, don’t put on expensive frill or wear extravagant shoes.

Attempt to book a lodging with a storage if conceivable. Leave your identification and assets in the lodging securely when you go out.

All sea shores are public in Zanzibar Tanzania. Along these lines, everyone can reach and stroll around. Try not to leave your pack and other important stuff unattended on the ocean front and swim.

Coercion isn’t normal, yet it in some cases occurs among Kendwa and Nungwi, and Paje. Convey nothing significant or eye-discovering like a camera during your night walk.



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