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Snow in Africa: 7 African Countries with Winter Weather


Does it snow in africa

When thinking of Africa, images of warmth, sunshine, and savannah adventures usually come to mind.

However, beyond these stereotypes, Africa harbors a surprising secret – a side where snowfall adds a unique dimension to its diverse landscape. Remarkably, this phenomenon is not primarily attributed to climate change.

Africa’s varied terrains and elevations in certain nations create unique conditions for experiencing this rare event.

From Ethiopia’s towering peaks to South Africa’s mountain ranges and beyond, the occasional snow fall brings a touch of winter wonder to the African scenery.

Where Does it Snow in Africa: 7 African Countries With Winter Weather


Situated in the southern part of Africa, landlocked Lesotho experiences occasional snowfall, especially during the winter season.

It holds the distinction of being the only country entirely located over 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) above sea level.

Lesotho’s high-altitude terrain makes it susceptible to snowfall, which typically occurs during the winter months from June to August.


Morocco, renowned for its diverse landscapes, witnesses snowfall in select regions, creating a captivating contrast to its usual arid climate.

The Atlas Mountains, particularly the High Atlas and Middle Atlas ranges, are the primary areas where snowfall occurs seasonally.

The town of Ifrane, often dubbed “Little Switzerland,” boasts Alpine-like architecture and draws visitors during snowy seasons.

South Africa

While South Africa is predominantly associated with a warm and temperate climate, specific regions experience snowfall, particularly in the winter months.

Areas such as parts of Johannesburg’s Gauteng province, the Drakensberg Mountains, Eastern Cape Highlands, and portions of the Western Cape are known for occasional snowfall.


Snowfall in Algeria is a notable and infrequent meteorological occurrence, given the country’s predominantly arid and desertic climate.

The Tell Atlas, with its higher elevations, witnesses sporadic snowfall during winter. Snowfall typically occurs in specific regions and elevations, mainly in the northern mountainous areas such as the Kabylie and Aurès Mountains.


In Ethiopia, a country celebrated for its diverse terrains and climates, sporadic snowfall is observed in specific mountainous regions.

The Simien Mountains, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stand out as one such area where altitudes soar to over 4,500 meters (14,764 feet) above sea level.


Within the border region shared with the Central African Republic, Uganda boasts the towering Rwenzori Mountains.

These majestic peaks, renowned for their extreme cold, house glaciers, snow, and ice.

With temperatures fluctuating from 20 degrees Celsius to sub-zero, the Rwenzori Mountains offer a unique opportunity to experience snowfall in the heart of Africa.

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Reaching for the skies, Mount Kilimanjaro proudly claims the title of Africa’s highest peak. It stands tall amidst Tanzania’s terrain, experiencing a colder climate due to its elevation and equatorial trade winds.

As climbers ascend its slopes, temperatures can plummet to bone-chilling levels, dropping as low as -15 to -29 degrees Celsius.

The months of June, July, August, and September provide the chance to encounter snow on Africa’s iconic summit.

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Snow in Africa: Conclusion

Contrary to common misconceptions, snowfall in Africa is far from a myth. Lesotho, South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania are among the African nations where snowfall graces the landscapes, offering a unique winter experience.

From the snowy peaks of Lesotho to the awe-inspiring Mount Kilimanjaro, these regions showcase Africa’s diverse climates and natural wonders.

So, don your warmest attire and embark on a journey to witness the enchantment of snowfall in Africa, where icy beauty harmonizes with the warmth of the African spirit.



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