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Olamide – Synchro System Ft. Pheelz, Young Jonn & Lil Kesh


Olamide, the renowned Nigerian singer, songwriter, and mastermind behind the YBNL record label, has once again proven his musical prowess with the release of his latest single, “Synchro System.”

This track is a testament to his incredible talent and ability to continually innovate within the music industry.

A Star-Studded Collaboration

Olamide’s new hit song, “Synchro System,” is not just any ordinary track. It features an electrifying collaboration with YBNL alumni Pheelz, Young Jonn, and Lil Kesh.

These artists have brought their unique styles to the table, creating a perfect blend of rhythm and melody. Olamide, known for his captivating musical style, has once again delivered a track that is bound to resonate with fans worldwide.

The Magic Behind “Ikigai Vol. 1”

Following the success of his 2023 album “Unruly,” Olamide has dropped a new studio extended play (EP) titled “Ikigai Vol. 1.”

Released through YBNL Nation and Empire, this EP is a masterpiece that showcases Olamide’s versatility and creativity.

The term “Ikigai” roughly translates to “reason for being” in Japanese, and this EP indeed reflects the deep passion and dedication Olamide has for his music.

Tracklist and Guest Appearances

The EP features a total of seven tracks, each uniquely crafted to bring out amazing sounds. Here’s a quick look at the tracklist and guest appearances:

  • Fireboy DML
  • Asake
  • Pheelz
  • Young Jonn
  • Lil Kesh

These guest appearances add a rich diversity to the EP, making it a delightful listening experience for fans.

Olamide’s Musical Journey

Olamide, often referred to as the chief of Yohoo Boy No Laptop (YBNL), has had an illustrious career since the founding of YBNL in 2012.

Over the years, he has consistently released hit songs and albums, each showcasing his growth as an artist. His new album, “Ikigai/Living Ghost,” is yet another milestone in his career.

With its seven tracks, it continues to build on his legacy of delivering top-notch music.

Olamide’s Impact in the Nigerian Music Industry

Olamide has had a significant impact on the Nigerian music scene and beyond. His innovative approach to music and his ability to blend different genres have made him a household name.

Olamide’s sound is a unique blend of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and traditional Nigerian music. This innovative mix has not only garnered him a massive following in Nigeria but also among the African diaspora and global music lovers.

Building a Legacy

Olamide is not just an artist; he is a brand. His YBNL record label has nurtured several successful artists, contributing significantly to the growth of the Nigerian music industry.

Artists like Lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold Fireboy DML, and Pheelz have all benefited from Olamide’s mentorship and platform, going on to achieve great success in their own right.

Olamide, Pheelz, Young Jonn & Lil Kesh Lyrics

“Synchro System”
(feat. Pheelz, Young Jonn & Lil Kesh)

Truly truly
Life has been a movie aje, dancing
Synchro system Sunny ade
Moni sho ti to
Woni ko ti to o
Control dance floor
GBEDU new school

Disappear and appear like a magician
They never see another stylish one
Bad energy keep your distance
24-7 I’m grinding I
Odegbami mathematician
I dey play every role every position

And I know my worth
Make I tell you in short
Omo me I no dey take insult

Truly truly
Life has been a movie aje, dancing
Synchro system Sunny ade
Moni sho ti to
Woni ko ti to o
Control dance floor
GBEDU new school

If na orobo I go give am dada
You already know my p
Amorawa taba
Ti Rita wa my G
And I can’t lie my G
Truly truly God has been amazing to me
All my worries disappear

Truly truly
Life has been a movie aje, dancing
Synchro system Sunny ade
Moni sho ti to
Woni ko ti to o
Control dance floor
GBEDU new school

This gbedu make we want to jogodo
Dance like there’s tanbolo in my sokoto
Olo far from ijebu to sokoto
Polongo sikiratu swantindodo
Yagi n bolona comot comot
Steve po fine boy I no wowo
One shot 2 shot I don no, no, no, no
Fine girls line up for my domot domot
Steeze 100
Composure 100
Swagger 100
Ogba 200
Mugbele **** make dem foh
Wtf do I look like I give a fuck

Hold up (Hold up)hold up (Hold up)
Before I go in hold up (Hold up)
Before I go in roll up (Roll up)
Before I switch the flow up
Who dat **** rocking that nu chin chiller
Looking like serial killer

Ara won abale cia ga
I no de function well like tinapa
Ero po Coachella
Aluko ajela
I’m just rocking Maison Margiela
Idan bi shina peller
Enu ose durella
Na God be my propeller

This gbedu too hot if you put body
It go bleach you , you go turn to albino
I flow like a psycho, badder than Michael
I go faster than a nitro
I bombard the game and I throw bangas
Like alaga dem de kako
Carlos bi Roberto eminado
Wongbonmu moscato

Koto nkan lonsoyan di awun bi ti tinko
Ema je eleyi lor nor biti borito
Oju mi ti leri bi ti chinco
Let’s call it a day … my g finito


Olamide’s latest release, “Synchro System,” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of musical talent and creativity.

The “Ikigai Vol. 1” EP is a testament to Olamide’s dedication to his craft and his ability to produce music that resonates with fans worldwide.

As we continue to enjoy his music, one thing is clear: Olamide’s star will continue to shine brightly in the music industry.


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