How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer: Tips


We all like to smell good all day, yet frequently we realize that our perfume starts to fade around noon. This is because you are applying your perfume incorrectly.

Yes, despite how strange it may sound, there are proper and improper ways to apply perfume.

Follow these suggestions to keep your scent lasting longer if you are the type of person who spends most of their day away from home and detests taking the bottle with you everywhere you go.

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Tips: How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

1. After taking a shower, dab your scent over damp skin.

The aroma will be locked in by damp skin, protecting your delicate clothing from stains. Prior to putting on your clothes, wait a few minutes for the aroma to dry. It rubs off if you put on clothes too quickly.

2. Spray your pulse spots immediately

Applying perfume to your pulse points will make the fragrance more potent because fragrances react to heat.

Your neck, head, wrists, inside of your elbows, back of your knees, below your belly, as well as your calves and ankles, should all be sprayed with perfume.

3. Mist doesn’t spritz

Spraying perfume into the air from a distance not only wastes a lot of the bottle’s contents but also seldom keeps the scent fresh for very long. To make the perfume last longer, spritz it immediately onto your skin.

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4. Refrain from touching your wrists

The top notes will degrade and disappear more quickly if you rub your wrists together, shortening the duration of your fragrance.

5. Prepare your skin by applying a little Vaseline

Before spraying your perfume, dab some Vaseline on your pulse point. The petroleum jelly’s ointment aids in preserving the aroma. To seal in the aroma and make it last longer, you can also use an unscented moisturizer.

6. Spray the area above your ears

Since the top of your ears is a little oilier than the area behind your earlobes, it will carry your fragrance longer the oilier your skin is.

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7. Use your brush for hair

Apply some perfume on your hairbrush, then run it through your hair to add more fragrance. Spraying directly on your hair should be avoided because alcohol can harm your hair.


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