Where is the Maldives and Where is Maldives Located?


Almost everyone you question will acknowledge having at least once daydreamed about the warm, palm-fringed island country, but where is it located?

The answer to the question “where are the Maldives?” might not be what you expected. Let us explain it to you, and the next time someone asks, spread the love by showing them this guide, which includes a map of the Maldives.

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The Maldives are located where?

The Maldives is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean and an island republic in Southern Asia. The coral islands don’t climb much higher than 1.8 meters above sea level.

The Maldives, fewer than 300 square kilometers in size and located north of the equator in both the northern and eastern hemispheres, are made up of a chain of 26 coral atolls.

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Who is the owner of the Maldives?

Despite not always being an independent island country, the Republic of the Maldives is today.

Since the fifth century, the Maldives have been ruled by several nations, including the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British, and sultanates.

On July 26, 1965, the Maldives formally declared their independence when the sultanate was overthrown. This date is still observed today.

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The Maldives are they safe?

Rest confident that since one of the main reasons you are visiting the Maldives is presumably to unwind, you will be fine—especially if you stay at a resort.

Only resorts are allowed to sell alcohol in an Islamic nation, and it is not advisable to dress inappropriately outside of your resort.

Given the low crime rate, exercising caution in the area’s renowned powerful ocean currents might be your biggest worry.

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What carriers offer direct flights to the Maldives?

It’s important to distinguish between the terms “direct flights” and “non-stop flights.”

Direct flights may contain a brief layover or technical stop, such as an aircraft refueling, whereas non-stop flights will take you directly from your departing airport to your destination airport.

Although there are presently no nonstop flights from South Africa to the Maldives, airlines that fly between the two nations may get you from Johannesburg to the Malé International Airport in the Maldives in about 13 hours and 45 minutes.

Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, and SriLankan Airlines are the primary airlines that fly to the Maldives.

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How are the Maldives navigated?

You’ll most likely need transportation from the airport to your island resort once you get at the archipelago.

In order to take advantage of the sightseeing possibilities, you can hire a helicopter or seaplane, but bear in mind that due to the size of the aircraft, there may not be much room for luggage.

You could have to pay a few hundred dollars for this kind of transfer if it isn’t included in your package.

Another well-liked method of transportation for close-by island resorts is a dhoni (or traditional Maldivian boat), which is typically included in your package.

You can also go around by speedboat or, for a much lower cost, via public or private ferry, albeit these are less common.

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Where can I find the greatest accommodations in the Maldives?

The three main atolls on the Maldives map—the northern, central, and southern atolls—each have their own distinct characteristics and allure. Where is the nicest atoll in the Maldives? What you are looking for will determine this.

Atolls in the north

The Northern Atolls, which are made up of the North and South Malé Atolls, are littered with white sand islands, have some of the best surfing in the Maldives, and have pleasant weather almost all year long.

Because of its less developed area, the Maldives are the ideal location to see local culture at its most basic.

Where to stay: Take advantage of the swell by booking a room at the 4-star Adaaran Prestige Ocean Villas in Lhohifushi near the well-known “Chickens” surf location, or head to the northern shores of Hanimaadhoo to relax at The Barefoot Eco Hotel.

Eastern Atolls

The Central Atolls are a surfer and beach lover’s paradise despite being less popular than their counterparts in the north and south.

In the more isolated areas of the Central Atolls, pristine islands provide an uncrowded Maldives experience.

Accommodations: Six Senses The sole resort on its eponymous atoll, Laamu, provides the pinnacle of opulent, genuine Maldives vacations.

Alternately, spend a lot of money on an opulent, private stay at Niyama Private Islands on Olhuveli island in the Dhaalu Atoll, where the twin islands of “Play” and “Chill” provide a variety of intriguing experiences all in one place.

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Atolls in the south

The Southern Atolls, known for their opulent resorts, are also the location of world-class dive and snorkeling locations. They have fantastic surf breaks, but are not as popular with surfers as the Northern Atolls.

Visit one of the deepest atolls in the world while staying at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa. On the gorgeous island of Gaafu Alifu, enjoy access to a private beach at a luxurious resort that goes above and beyond.

The Canareef Resort on Addu Atoll, which has a secluded white-sand beach and a spa, is another option if you travel farther south.

When is the ideal season to visit the Maldives?

The greatest time to travel to the Maldives is simply whenever you choose to go. The Maldives enjoy warm, tropical temperatures of 26 to 28 degrees Celsius and calm seas all year long thanks to its close proximity to the equator.

Although there are significant differences between the Northern and Southern Atolls, the monsoons are clearly the cause of the seasons.

The wet season lasts from May to October, and the dry season is from November to April.

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Is a visa required to travel to the Maldives?

South African passport holders will receive a free 30-day visa upon arrival in the Maldives, which can be extended to up to 90 days, provided they meet the basic conditions for Maldives visas.

A minimum of six months should pass after the date of your arrival in the Maldives for your passport to not expire.

Maldivian map

The best way to navigate the Maldives’ network of atolls and islands is to look at a map of the country.

You won’t ever have to wonder, “Where are the Maldives?,” again because you now know! So with a mouse click, you can make your tropical dreams come true.

On Travelstart, you may find low-cost flights to the Maldives. You can then put money aside to splurge on some of the best accommodations there.


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